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{ YM: New Work in Poetry }


Holly Corfield Carr
- Colour: a workshop

Ruth O'Connell-Brown
- Magritte’s Forbidden Literature: The Use of the Word

Rebecca Liu
- Trouble in Mind by Lucie Brock-Broido

Phoebe Walker
- Paul Farley’s The Dark Film

Jack Belloli
- Cerulean, Spiders and Nursery Rhymes: R.F. Langley

Ada Cheong
- School Love

Bertille Sobiesk
- Untitled

Anran Yu
- Patroclus

Sherrie Talgeri
- emotionless emulsion

Michelle Jia
- The Story Which I Am Not Proud To Tell

Helen Zhou Huiwen
- Beetle

Anna Leader
- a dispassionate white sun

Jess Ockenden
- Punks: not dead?

Kayo Chingonyi
- Spontaneity and Poetic Form

Lim Wei Khai
- Pretentiously Unstructured Poetry on Pretentiously Structured Poems

Caroline McHardy
- Shadow Across My Silent Wall

Phoebe Stuckes
- The Side Effect

Harry Wilson
- Five Minute Silence

Joseph Jackson
- 27, prisoner

Sarah Williams
- Young Poet Feature: An Interview with Sarah Williams

Alvin Soh
- cross a heart

Helen Zhou Huiwen
- Three Hours

Ruby Mason
- (Strike)

Joel Lipson
- Old Man In Fine Clothes Still Carrying a Shotgun

Mary Dodd
- Milton’s Satan: The Ultimate Rebel

Bob Horton
- The Post Apocalypse Weather Reporter

Sarah Fletcher
- If My Rebel Were a Villanelle

Jane Holland
- The Salt Book of Younger Poets, Reviewed

Joshua Jones
- The Other Side of the Words

Kirsten Irving
- Art Arcade: Silkworms Ink gives poetry some new playmates

Amanda Huelin
- “a seven-hour rooftop drama played out”

Beth Jellicoe
- Our gossip pages

Francesca Alice Rycraft
- David Hart’s Work, the Work reviewed

Jane Holland
- Review: The Salt Book of Younger Poets

Elizabeth Johnson
- Greyhounds

Jenny Walker
- Sunbathing

Matt Turner
- Ben Lerner’s Mean Free Path reviewed

Namita Krishnamurthy
- words within places

Sarah Fletcher
- The Drunks Of Baker Street

Sophie Clarke
- Interview with Jacob Denno of poetry and illustration magazine Popshot

Anna Farley
- Fierce World

Phoebe Power
- Istanbul

Caleb Klaces
- Rumours: A Workshop

Iona Sharma
- Body Politic: Eve Ensler’s Political Poetry

Chloe Stopa-Hunt
- Richard Siken’s Crush Reviewed

Daniel Barrow
- Maura Dooley’s Life Under Water Reviewed

Natalya Din-Kariuki
- Flesh and Blood: Seeing and Hearing Performance Poetry

Helen Bowell
- Interview with Imtiaz Dharker, Poet and Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award Judge

Ruolin Wang
- Orion

Phoebe Walker
- Shipwreck

Phoebe Power
- Lie Down and Listen

Rachel Ivens
- Donor

Joanna Hollins
- Let Me Stay

Ameerah Arjanee
- Baby

Ankita Saxena
- Life Class

Amir Dada
- Spring

Madeleine Stottor
- In The Flesh: A Workshop

William Bond
- Allen Tate’s Ode to the Confederate Dead

Jake Arnott
- The Spenserian Stanza

Becca Bishop
- Wilfred Owen’s Strange Meeting

Rebecca Hallett
- Japanese Poetry

Amanda Huelin
- Formality

Alister MacQuarrie
- Figure Skating

Gregory Walker
- The Pool

Ruolin Wang
- I have tried

Ameerah Arjanee
- Children’s Rhymes

Catherine Hodgeson
- I Dreamt

Elizabeth Johnson
- Night

Beth Jellicoe
- My Past Life: Japanese Sonnets

Rosie Alexander
- Cover Image

Clare Crowther
- Playing with Breaks

John Clegg
- Miriam Gamble’s The Squirrels are Dead

Vahni Capildeo
- Mervyn Morris’ The Pond

Colette Sensier
- Derek Walcott’s Omeros

Tom Moyser
- Bad Translator Poetry

Chloe Stopa-Hunt
- Online Poetry

Natasha Japanwala
- Deathfalls

Hattie Grunewald
- Splinter

Laura Grantham
- Veils

Pheobe Power
- Flypaper

Phoebe Power
- Machine

Rachel Rowan-Olive
- Wuthering Heights

Rachel Rowan-Olive
- Marienkirche, Lübeck

Charlotte Goldney
- Cover Image

Daisy Hirst
- Cover Image

Jack Underwood
- The Engine Room: A workshop

Daniel Hitchens
- Donne Playing by the Rules

Chua Jun Yan
- 50 on 50 ed. Edwin Thumboo

Ben Wilkinson
- The Burning Perch by Louis MacNeice

Bex Hainsworth
- Remembrance

Hattie Grunewald
- Helen Wakes

Pauline Suwanban
- Fieldtrip

Claire Ewbank
- Bricks of Berlin

Dom Hale
- Tracing Paper

Alice Miller
- Mata Hari

Leon Yuchin Lau
- Morning Dances

Leon Yuchin Lau
- memory on lightning’s border

Philip Coales
- On Richard Brautigan

Amy Blakemore
- Interview of Claire Askew editor-in-chief of Read This magazine

Andrew McMillan
- The Un-poetic Poetry

Swithun Cooper
- We Are History: A Workshop

Clare Pollard
- The Crow by Ted Hughes

Phoebe Stuckes
- Late night delays

Oli Nejad
- I Yearned For The Sands

Sophie Stephenson-Wright
- Monster

Pauline Suwanban
- Man-Groves

Jonathan Parkin
- 241. An alley at night as a light goes out.

Alice Homewood
- The Green Man

Andrew Wynn Owen
- Planet Saturn

Gregory Ng
- Nereus