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{ YM: New Work in Poetry }

About YM

Photo by Al Hikes

YM is a magazine for new readers and writers of poetry. Each edition showcases poetry written by Poetry Society Youth Members and/or subscribers of the Young Poets Network, alongside articles by a mixture of established poets and young writers.  Each issue has a different guest editor: a young poet who chooses the theme for the edition and selects the work to be included.

This e-magazine was made possible by funding from the Foyle Foundation.
Photo by Al Hikes

Poetry Society Youth Membership

The Poetry Society has a community of nearly 200 youth members all interested in reading, writing or performing poetry. To support their efforts youth members receive poetry anthologies and collections, posters and postcards as well as Poetry News sent to them four times a year and the chance to submit poems to YM and to exclusive competitions like the Seeing Further: Poems on the Underground Competition. Members also receive invitations and discounts to readings, specialist information about competitions, magazines and websites for young writers and discounts to our Poetry Prescription feedback service. Youth membership costs £15 a year.

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