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Issue 8 YM: COLOUR

Published November 14, 2012

Guest editor: Phoebe Power

“Zesty”, “mineral”, “myrtle”, “plaster”: just a few examples of the vivid language featured in this issue’s colourful crop of poems. Anran Yu’s poem infuses our sense of the Greek character, Patroclus, with an arresting “bloom of red”, while Anna Leader describes an eerily mechanical white world. Similarly disturbing is the communist state in Michelle Jia’s [...]

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YM: Colour – Send Us Your Work!

Posted August 3, 2012

Pigments CC Austin Evans

Photo: Austinevans

Phoebe Power will be editing the next edition of YM: Poetry. Send us your poems, articles, reviews and images linked to the theme “Colour”. Deadline 30 September. Find out more and submit.

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